Application Development KCI

The latest research and evaluation studies demonstrate that school improvement programs that employ technology for teaching and learning yield positive results for students and teachers. Given that, Krypton is committed to provide technology solutions to make future of education better.

The adoption of new and emerging technologies by schools and classrooms offers even more reason for Krypton to provide sufficient access and support, such that teachers will be better able to help their students comprehend difficult-to-understand concepts and engage in learning, provide their students with access to information and resources, and better meet their students' individual needs. Krypton innovates new technologies to enhance learning and help students improve their skills.

Our Core Competence-

Question Bank Engine (QBE) - to create customized databases of questions and solutions
Interactive Answering Mechanism (IAM) - to enable answering & viewing solutions interactively
Virtual Classroom - Communicate using proprietary “live” technology for tutoring, mentoring and peer group interaction
Web Services – Provide other web sites access to our content via a web services model
Personal Coach – Provide worksheets on Palm and Windows CE PDA

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