About Us

Krypton Consulting Inc.

Founded in 1998, Krypton Consulting Inc. was established by a skilled group of IT professionals with extensive expertise. Our company offers a wide range of top-notch services such as Consulting, Development, Internet Marketing, and E-learning to cater to the global IT markets. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions tailored specifically to your strategic objectives. Our commitment lies in providing clients with high-quality and cost-effective web solutions.

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, Newark, California, our headquarters serves as the hub of our operations. Additionally, we have established a strong presence in key locations across the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Malaysia, either directly or in partnership with trusted associates. This enables us to offer clients the specialized technical knowledge necessary to successfully execute complex projects within their specified timeframes and budgets.

With over 25 years of experience in web consulting, our team possesses in-depth industry insights. We are dedicated to conducting thorough research and developing effective web strategies, resulting in impactful designs that yield exceptional results for our clients.

Who we are?

Krypton is a renowned global consulting services company that excels in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to empower clients and drive their success. With a strong focus on attractiveness, innovation, and functionality, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From the very beginning, we have been committed to providing creative and cost-effective services, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our expertise lies in offering the right strategies, solutions, services, and products that enable clients to thrive in the digital economy. With years of dedicated engagement in the industry, we have cultivated a deep understanding of technology and its implications.

At Krypton, we are the ideal partner for fulfilling your business needs. Our team specializes in designing exceptional websites and optimizing search engine rankings, with a particular emphasis on Google. By leveraging our expertise, we can enhance the e-commerce capabilities of your organization, driving growth and success.

What we do?

At our core, we are deeply committed to delivering unparalleled services to our clients. We possess a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs and strive to provide tailored content and effective internet tools that align with their goals.

Our dedication extends beyond project completion. We offer post-project services and support that are focused on delivering uniquely meaningful solutions while adhering to industry web standards. We stand by our clients every step of the way, supporting their growth and ensuring their continued success.

By leveraging the latest technologies, we are able to offer the finest online solutions available in the market. We pride ourselves on providing imaginative and innovative experiences that deliver exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellent customer service is unwavering, ensuring that our clients receive the utmost care and attention throughout their journey with us.

How We Work?

With our reliability, dedication, commitment and expertise across the technology spectrum, we work as an extension of customer’s organization. We get along to serve you with user-friendly solutions and technological benefits with our fine quality mark, to make you earn phenomenally through a striking online presence.

We empower clear and competitive edge by scaling up the websites to next level at an affordable cost. We ensure that are clients are satisfied and successful by taking up every small, medium and large project in innovative style.